Dodge & Burn 2.0

Extension Panel for Photoshop CC – CC 2022

On M1 / M2 Macs, Dodge & Burn 2 can only be used if Photoshop opened using Rosetta emulation.

Handy little tool for dodging & burning

All the essential tools for your portrait dodging and burning workflow in a minimalistic, little panel? Nice, but there is more! Dodge & Burn 2.0 can actually speed up your retouching, thanks to it’s unique features that can be found nowhere else. Scroll down!

Best Features:

It’s super customizable

Lots of options allow you to customize the panel to set up layers as you are used to. Type and strength of dodge and burn layers, help layers, brush presets.. You can even set the buttons to run your own Photoshop actions!

Faster switching between Dodge & Burn layers using “XX” shortcut

No need to move your cursor to layers palette to switch layers, just hit X key on your keyboard two times to toggle layers! Single “X” exchange swatches, “XX” (press X two times) switch layers!

“See better” with automatic “help layers”

Pick a tone from the skin area you are working on – and the script will automagically create/adjust “help layers” for best vision. This is super useful especially for micro dodging & burning.

“Neutral grey” layer to Curve layers conversion

It’s faster to work on single layer (neutral grey), but you loose the benefits of two curve layers. Not anymore.. Grey to Curves script will convert “neutral grey” layer into two curve layers perfectly!

“Multi-curve” D&B layers for less color shifts

Using this “multi-curve” technique will reduce color shifts after dodging & burning. It’s a simple trick – istead of single curve layer, use a group of multiple “lighter” curves. The difference is noticeable.

Download Now!

Ps CC+, Pc & Mac

For Photoshop CC – CC 2022

Easy Installation

With Included Extension Installer

Free Updates

All Future Updates for Free

Free Support

Unlimited Support by Email

7 “non-consecutive” day trial version – allows you to use Delicious Retouch 4 on any 7 days of your choosing

19€ (≈$22) is final price including taxes. Payments are processed by PayPal. After payment, you will recieve an activation key. One activation key can be used to activate the product on two computers. Personal License.

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