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DR5 SKIN Plugin for Photoshop

Save time retouching

Take control over skin texture with DR5 Skin and achieve realistic skin smoothing with less effort, in less time.

For Photoshop CC2022 and later
Lifetime license & free updates
14 - day money back guarantee

Portait retouched using DR5 SKIN Plugin

The DR5 SKIN Plugin

DR5 SKIN is a retouching tool for Photoshop that will give you the ability to realistically soften and clean up skin texture in less time. It is not meant to replace high-end retouching or magically retouch images with one click, but rather to help you spend less time retouching without compromising the quality of your images. It proves particularly valuable for photographers specializing in portrait, wedding, boudoir, and other genres that involve retouching a substantial volume of images.

DR5 SKIN Plugin for Photoshop



Save your effort and time retouching

Incorporate DR5 SKIN as the first step in your skin retouching workflow, and you may find that no further steps are necessary. When applied subtly as a primer for skin, it significantly reduces the time required for healing and evening out skin tones.

For photographers and retouchers working with large amounts of images, it can pay off on day one with time saved. Those less proficient in retouching, DR5 SKIN enables to achieve results that would otherwise be challenging to attain.

Retouched with DR5 SKIN Plugin
Skin retouched using DR5 SKIN plugin

Control the effect and achieve realistic results

DR5 SKIN offers the flexibility to fine-tune the effect to meet your requirements and suit each image, skin type, or situation. By adjusting the sliders, you can independently control skin texture healing, softening, and smoothing transitions, giving you precise control over the result.

Moreover, the effect is not automatically applied all over the skin. Instead, applying the effect by hand gives you the ability to target specific areas and control the intensity according to your needs.

AI face detection & smart algorithms

In order to achieve optimal results for every image, DR5 SKIN detects the face, which can be done either automatically using AI or by manual selection, and analyzes the facial dimensions to calculate appropriate filter radiuses. Next, an advanced algorithm applies filters with varying radius settings throughout the image, resulting in a skin smoothing effect that preserves the natural texture and respects the structure of the face.

Retouched using DR5 SKIN retouching plugin

Fine-tune the effect

Whether you prefer a subtle natural touch, flawlessly smooth soft skin, or something in between, the choice is yours. Fine-tune the effect to your preference for each image using the sliders - the plugin instantly manipulate the layers to adjust the effect.

Photo retouched with DR5 SKIN plugin
DR5 SKIN plugin sliders
Photo retouched with DR5 SKIN plugin
DR5 SKIN plugin sliders
Photo retouched with DR5 SKIN plugin
DR5 SKIN plugin sliders



The plugin is designed for users who are already familiar with using Brush Tool and have basic understanding of Layer Masks in Photoshop.

Try it out today


If, for any reason, you decide within 14 days after purchase that you do not wish to keep the product, you will receive a full refund.


With a one-time payment, you will receive a lifetime personal license that allows you to use the plugin on two computers.


You can re-download the plugin at any time free of charge, which includes all future updates and new versions.


With your purchase, you will be granted a lifetime personal license that allows you to use the plugin on two computers. You will receive an email with a link to a page where you can download the plugin and copy your activaton key(s).
By purchasing a license, you are allowed to use the plugin on two computers simultaneously. If you need to use the plugin on more computers, please contact support for options.
If you decide within 14 days after purchase that you no longer wish to continue using the plugin, we will provide a full refund. Simply send us an email, and we will deactivate the plugin on your computer and initiate the refund process.
Unfortunately, a trial version of the plugin is not available. However, if you are not satisfied with the plugin, you can request a full refund within 14 days of purchase.
We do not provide company-wide licenses. A separate license will be required for each computer on which the plugin is intended to be used. For purchasing options, please reach out to our support.
If you are interested in purchasing multiple licenses, please send us an email specifying the number of licenses you require. We will be happy to arrange a bundle discount for you.
Simply double-click on the installation file to launch the Creative Cloud app and initiate the installation process. For further information, please refer to the installation manual .pdf provided within your download.
You can access the User Manual directly from the plugin. Once you complete the installation and activation, click on the info “(i)” icon, and then press the “Open User Manual” button.
Simply install the plugin on your new computer and activate it using your license key. No action is required on your old computer. If you encounter any problems with the activation on your new computer, please send us an email for assistance.
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