How to fix extensions not loading into Photoshop

If you have the Etxension installed but it it is not loading, buttons not showing and there is an error message “Extension not signed properly”, please do following steps:

Reinstall the extension with the new file:

Delicious Retouch 4:

Dodge & Burn 2:

Please use “Manual Installation” method. You need to manually delete old “DeliciousRetouch4” or “DodgeBurn” folder from “extensions” folder and replace it with new one. Please take a look into included .pdf for instructions.

Installation folder “extensions” is located on this paths:

MacOS: /Library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe/CEP/extensions/
Windowsx64: C:/Program Files(x86)/CommonFiles/Adobe/CEP/extensions/
Windowsx32: C:/Program Files/CommonFiles/Adobe/CEP/extensions/

If reinstalling with the new file doesn’t help and you still get “Not properly signed” error, please try the following:


======= If you are on Windows (Photoshop 2022 and 2023) =======

1.: Open “Command Prompt” program (cmd.exe)

2.: copy & paste following command into the Command Prompt:

reg add HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Adobe\CSXS.11 /t REG_SZ /v PlayerDebugMode /d 1 /f

3.: press Enter and close Command Prompt. Then open/restart Photoshop.


======= If you are on Mac (Photoshop 2022 and 2023) =======

1.: open Terminal app on your mac

2.: copy & paste following command into the Terminal:

defaults write com.adobe.CSXS.11.plist PlayerDebugMode 1 && killall -u `whoami` cfprefsd

3.: press Enter and close the Terminal. Then open / restart Photoshop



If you are using Mac with M1 processor, you need open Photoshop using Rosetta to be able to load extensions.
Take a look on this video to see how to open Photoshop using Rosetta:


If you can’t see the Extensions under menu Window in Photoshop, go to Photoshop – Preferences / Plugins / “Load extension panels”


If you still have troubles loading the Extension in Photoshop 2023 please downgrade to Photoshop 2022 if possible.


The new version of Delicious Retouch, compatible with latest Photoshop on M1 Macs, will be released very soon (December/January)


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